Carrier-grade Digital VoIP Gateway

MTG2000 is a carrier-grade intelligent Digital VoIP gateway, scalable from 4 to 20 ports E1/T1. It provides carrier-grade VoIP and FoIP services, as well as value-added functions such as modem and voice recognition. With highly maintainable, manageable and operable features, it offers a flexible, high-efficient, future-oriented communication network for users.

MTG2000 supports a wide-range of signaling protocols, realizing the interconnection between SIP and traditional signals like ISDN PRI / SS7, utilizing efficiency of trunking resources while ensuring voice quality. With multiple voice codes, secure signal encryption and smart voice recognition technology, MTG2000 is ideal for various applications of large enterprises, call centers, services providers and telecom operators.

  • E1/T1

  • T.38/T.30

  • PRI

  • SS7


  • SNMP

Scalable Digital VoIP Gateway for Service Providers

4 to 20 ports E1/T1 in 1U chassis

Up to 600 simultaneous calls

Redundancy Dual MCU unit

Dual Power Supplies

Flexible routing 

Multiple SIP trunks

Fully compatible with mainstream VoIP platforms

Rich Experiences on PSTN Protocols


ISDN SS7, SS7 links redundancy


T.38 and Pass-through fax

Support modem and POS machines

More than 10-year experiences to integrate with a wide range of Legacy PBXs / Service providers' PSTN networks

Easy Management

  • Intuitive Web interface

    Support SNMP

    Automated provisioning

  • Dinstar Cloud Management System

    Configuration Backup & Restore

    Advanced Debug tools

  • Features
  • Download
  • 4/8/12/16/20 E1s/T1s, RJ48 interface
    Codecs:G.711a/μ law,G.723.1, G.729A/B, iLBC 13k/15k,AMR
    Dual Power Supplies
    Silence Suppression
    2 GE
    Comfort Noise
    SIP v2.0
    Voice Activity Detection
    SIP-T,RFC3372, RFC3204, RFC3398
    Echo Cancellation (G.168),with up to 128ms
    SIP Trunk Work Mode: Peer/Access
    Adaptive Dynamic Buffer
    SIP/IMS Registration :with up to 256 SIP Accounts
    Voice, Fax Gain Control
    NAT: Dynamic NAT, Rport
    FAX:T.38 and Pass-through
    Flexible Route Methods: PSTN-PSTN, PSTN-IP, IP-PSTN
    Support Modem/POS
    Intelligent Routing Rules
    DTMF Mode: RFC2833/SIP Info/In-band
    Call Routing base on Time
    Clear Channel/Clear Mode
    Call Routing base on Caller/Called Prefixes
    256 Route Rules for each Direction
    Caller and Called Number Manipulation
    R2 MFC
    Local/Transparent Ring Back Tone
    Web GUI Configuration
    Overlapping Dialing
    Data Backup/Restore
    Dialing Rules, with up to 2000
    PSTN Call Statistics
    PSTN group by E1 port or E1 Timeslot
    SIP Trunk Call Statistics
    IP Trunk Group Configuration
    Firmware Upgrade via TFTP/Web
    Voice Codecs Group
    SNMP v1/v2/v3
    Caller and Called Number White Lists
    Network Capture
    Caller and Called Number Black Lists
    Syslog: Debug, Info, Error, Warning , Notice
    Access Rule Lists
    Call History Records via Syslog
    IP Trunk Priority
    NTP Synchronization
    Centralized Management System
  • MTG2000 Digital VoIP Gateway Datasheet
    MTG2000 Digital VoIP Gateway User Manual
    MTG Series Digital VoIP Gateway Quick Installation Guide