Session Border Controller

Dinstar SBC300 are designed to deliver security, interoperability and

transcoding between SMB and service providers' VoIP networks. SBC300

help SME easily access to service providers' SIP trunks / telecom operators

IMS with high-level security,meanwhile perform SIP mediation and audio

transcoding. Scaling from 5 to 50 SIP sessions, SBC300 always meet SME

demands today and in the future with only small investment.

  • Enhanced Security

  • Topology Hiding

  • VoIP Firewall

  • Extensive SIP Interoperability

  • License Scalability

  • Transcoding

SBC designed for SMEs

5-50 SIP sessions, 5-50 transcoding

1+1 Active-standby redundancy for business continuity

Comprehensive SIP interoperability, Easily connect with different service providers

SIP mediation, SIP message Manipulation

Unlimited SIP trunks

Flexible routing to access IMS

QoS, static route, NAT traversal

Enhanced Security

Protection against malicious attack: DoS/DDoS, malformed packets, SIP/RTP flooding

Perimeter defense against eavesdropping, fraud and service theft

TLS/SRTP for call security

Topology hiding against network exposure

ACL, Dynamic white & black list

Bandwidth limitation & traffic control

Easy Management

  • Intuitive Web interface

    Support SNMP 

    Automated provisioning

  • Dinstar Cloud Management System

    Configuration Backup & Restore

    Debug tools 

  • Features
  • Download
  • 5 to 50 Simultaneous calls
    SIP call scan attack detection
    5 to 50 transcoding calls
    SIP anti-attack
    Max. 1000 SIP registrations
    SIP Header manipulation
    Max. 20 Registration per second
    SIP malformed packet protection
    Unlimited SIP Trunks
    QoS (ToS, DSCP)
    Prevention of DoS and DDos attacks
    NAT Traversal
    Control of Access Policies
    Dynamic load balancing
    Policy-based anti-attacks
    Flexible Routing Engine
    Call Security with TLS/SRTP
    Caller/ Called number Manipulation
    White List & Black List
    Web-bases GUI for configurations
    Access Rule List
    Configuration Restore/Backup
    Embedded VoIP Firewall
    HTTP Firmware Upgrade
    Voice codecs: G.711A/U,G.723.1,G.729A/B, iLBC, AMR, OPUS
    CDR Report and Export
    SIP 2.0 compliant, UDP/TCP/TLS
    Ping and Tracert
    SIP trunk (Peer to peer)
    Network Capture
    SIP trunk (Access)
    System log
    B2BUA (Back-to-Back User Agent)
    Statistics and Reports
    SIP Request rate limiting
    Centralized management system
    SIP registration rate limiting
    Remote Web and Telnet
    SIP registration scan attack detection
    1+1 Active-standby redundancy High Availability
  • SBC300 Session Border Controller Datasheet
    SBC300 Session Border Controller User Manual