SIP Video Intercom

DP98 series SIP video intercoms are equipped with an advanced audio system featuring echo cancellation. The HD camera is optional, supporting H.264 video codec and 1080P HD display. Designed to complement indoor intercoms, it enables users to communicate with the callee at any time. It also offers enhanced support for office communication systems, dispatch systems, residential security communication, and other scenarios.

  • SIP


  • HD Camera (optional)

  • HD Audio

  • PoE

  • -35 ℃~65 ℃

Suitable for Rich Indoor and Outdoor Scenarios

2 SIP line, 2 SIP servers

Full-duplex, Speed dial, Default auto answer

Action URL/Active URI remote control

lP65 and lK10 protection grade: dustproof, waterproof and anti-collision

Featured with a wide temperature range from -35°C to 65°C

Door access: DTMF tones, RFID card, indoor panel, indoor switch, timed open

Apt for residential entrances, parking lots, emergency call boxes, elevators...

HD Video & Audio

2MP HD camera

HD voice

2-way audio stream

Echo cancellation with G.168

Voice activity detection (VAD)

Comfort noise generator(CNG)

Built-in Micro and speaker

Various Short Circuit Input & Output Interfaces

  • Electric lock

    Indoor switch

    Door magnet

  • Alarm indicator

    PIR sensor

    Barrier gate

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