SIM Server

Dinstar SIMCloud & SIMBank a centralized & remote management system, allows you to manage a large number of SIMs and multiple Dinstar GSM/3G/4G VoIP Gateways at multiple locations, saves greatly on management costs.

SIMCloud can be installed on your dedicated server or on Cloud, provides device management, SIM card management, human behavior simulation, real-time statistics and Open Web-Service API.

SIMBank supports up to 128 SIM cards in 1U box, rack mountable. SIMs information is processed and transmitted through private protocol. All makes it a secure and easy-to-deploy solution.

  • Centralized

  • Scalable

  • SIM Allocation

  • API

  • Security

  • Bandwidth Optimizer

Central Device & SIMs management

Compatible with Dinstar GSM/3G/4G VoIP Gateway

Manage multiple Dinstar GSM/3G/4G VoIP Gateway

Control all your SIM cards in your office via IP

Hot swappable SIM cards

Flexible SIMs allocation

Human behavior

Auto balance check and top-up

Open web-service API

Learn more about SMS Solution

Secure and Cost-saving

All SIM cards can be stored and controlled in one secure place 

Always choose the best mobile operators price plan    

Save on travel expense and precious time

Save the cost of on site technicians

Easy Management

  • Intuitive Web interface

    Easy to deploy, Easy scalable

  • Real-time statistics

    On Cloud, No need to installation (Optional)

  • Features
  • Download
  • Intuitive WEB Interface
    Auto Recharge
    Device Automatic Provision
    15Min/24Hour Performance Statistics
    Batch Devices Upgrade
    Graphical Performance Statistics Report
    Run Status Monitoring
    Mass CDR/SMS/USSD List in SIM Cloud
    Enable/Disable/Reset Operation
    Open Web-Service API
    Alarm/Log Management
    API Security Authentication
    Commercial Database and High Security
    Device List Polling
    24 Hours Database Backup
    Device Info Polling
    Independent Customer Domain/Account
    Device Setting
    NAT Traversal
    Port List Polling
    Signal/Media Bandwidth Compression
    Port Info Polling
    Signal/Media Encryption and Decryption
    Port Setting
    SIM card rotation by working time, working day
    Gateway-SIMBank Port Binding
    Multiple SIM Groups
    SMS Sending
    Multiple Local Timezones
    Received SMS Polling
    Different SIM Card Priorities
    USSD Sending
    Once/All Call Count Conditions
    Received USSD Polling
    Once/Day/Month/All Call Time Conditions
    Test Call Sending
    Once/Day/Month/All SMS Conditions
    Test Call Result Polling
    Once/Day/Month/All USSD Conditions
    CDR List Polling
    SIM Card Work/Idle Time Conditions
    Alarm/Log Managment
    SIM Card Left Balance Condition
    Device Alarm Reporting
    Human Behavior
    Configurable Alarm Level
    Dynamic Assigned IMEI
    Configurable Alarm Filter
    SIM Card Roaming
    Current Alarm List
    SIM Card Promotion Management
    History Alarm List
    Auto SMS/USSD
    Alarm Notification via E-Mail
    Auto SMS Generation
    Alarm Notification via SMS
    Auto Call Generation
    Alarm Notification via CALL
    Abnormal ACD Detection
    User Operation Log
    Device Running Log
    Auto Promotion
  • Dinstar SIMCloud&SIMbank Datasheet
    SIMCloud User Manual