Device Management Platform NMS

Network Management System

DINSTAR Network Management System (NMS) is an integrated management platform based on cloud architecture, which can centrally manage, monitor and troubleshoot of DINSTAR devices. The NMS system integrates a series of management and maintenance functions such as device deployment, firmware upgrade, configuration distribution, data backup/restore, device monitoring, automatic deployment, remote access, remote diagnostics, real-time alarms, call statistics, and log management to reduce the management costs and improve the efficiency.

  • Device Monitoring

  • Alarm Push

  • Auto Deployment

  • Remote Diagnostics

  • Role Management

  • Dashboard

Device Management

Group devices according to different sites, models, and users, per your business needs

Configure and manage a batch of devices by different groups

Execute tasks at once or at a specified time

Multiple and flexible management roles

Enhanced TLS encryption security

Install on-premise server or Cloud at your choice

Up to 50,000 devices for standalone deployment

Auto Deployment

Auto Provision

Firmware Upgrade

Auto Backup

Configuration push

Real-time Monitoring

Realtime device and network monitoring

Immediate alarm push via email, SMS when the device abnormal

Graphical statistical analysis and diagnostic reports

Device & system logs download & backup

Remote Management

  • Remote configuration

    Remote firmware upgrade

  • Remote Web GUI & Telnet

    Remote Trouble-shooting

  • Features
  • Download
  • Device Management
    System Management
    Web, Telnet
    Account Management
    Security Logs
    Device Search
    System Help Center
    Firmware Upgrade
    Login Logs
    Configure Management
    Operation Logs
    Batch Configuration
    Multi-Manager Mode
    Configuration Backup/Restore
    Soft Reboot
    Restart & Factory Reset
    System Monitoring
    Device Diagnose
    Certification Management
    Device Hardware Monitoring
    Network Quality Monitoring
    Built-in FAQ
    Service Status Monitoring
    Single-click Installation
    Port /DSP/SDH Monitoring
    Device Access Type Settings
    Call Statistics Monitoring
    Auto-discovery of Devices via PnP
    Multi-site management
    User Privileges Management
    Scheduled Task Management
    User Information Management
    Device Remote Access
    System Database Back-up Management
    Reporting and Notification
    Real-time Alarm
    TLS Encrypted Transmission
    Alarm Confirm
    Web Attacks Avoiding
    Historical Alarm
    Alarm Analysis
    Token Bucket Traffic Limiting
    Alarm Push
    IP Black-list
    Email Alerts
    Device Connection Authentication
    Remote Push
    Remote Access Timeout
    Resource Management
    Service Management
    Upgrade Package Management
    CDRs Management
    Configuration File Management
    Voice Quality Analysis, Statistic Analysis
    Backup File Management
    People Contacts, Enterprise Contacts
    OpenVPN File Management
    Device Redirect
  • Network Management System (NMS) Datasheet