Entry Level IP Phone

C60S/C60SP is based on high innovative SIP technology, which is ideal for all kinds of business communication. It integrates with 132x64-pixel graphical LCD, elegant and intuitive user interface, which indicate you can enjoy good user experience.

  • HD Voice

  • 2 SIP Accounts

  • 2 Line Keys

  • 2.3”Graphic LCD

  • 5-way Conference

  • PoE

HD Voice IP Phone

HD Voice

2 Extension accounts

132x64 pixel Graphical LCD

Dual‐port 10/100Mbps Ethernet


G.729, G723_53, G723_63, G726_32

Cost-Effective IP Phone

XML Browser

Action URL/URI

Key Lock

Phonebook: 1000 Groups

Blacklist: 100 Groups

Call Log: 100 Logs

Support 5 Remote Phonebook URLs

Easy Management 

  • Auto provisioning: FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS/PnP

    Configuration via HTTP/HTTPS web

    Configuration via device button

  • Network capture

    NTP/Daylight saving time


    Software upgrade via web


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