Video Conference Cases

Cloud-Based Platform

Based on Cloud structure, allowing the access of video terminals, PCs, mobile Apps and etc
Solve the problems of high deployment cost and network connection difficulty
Easy connection & simple maintenance, help enterprises build a high-efficient and easy-to-use video platform for communication
Encrypted signaling and audio video, making conferences much security

Audio & Video for Unified Communication

Parts of Dinstar’s Video Conferencing System

Standard Hardware Terminals

  • One-piece Video Terminal: DC9-P

    Support standard protocols and mutiple leading systems

    SIP and H.323 for interworking

    Encryption via H.235, SRT and AES, ensuring communication safety

  • Split-type Video Terminal: DC9S-P

    SIP and H.323 for interworking

    Support standard protocols and mutiple leading systems

    Built-in MCU, 1+3 HD video conference

  • Mutipoint Control Unit (MCU): DM5000

    Superior audio and video processing capability

    Outstanding bandwidth control capability and self-adaptive capablity

    Support standard protocols and mutiple leading systems

  • HD Camera: DV10

    Wide-angle len, 12x optical zoom

    H.265 coding, full HD broadcasting with ultra-low bandwidth

    Face Detection , cloud-based tracing

Enterprise-level Video Terminals

  • Video Terminal: D1

    Required transmission bandwidth is reduced 40%

    Ultra HD: 1080 P60

    Interact with other devices via MCU Server

  • Video Terminal: D3

    Two-stream 1080P full-HD video

    Provide various interfaces like HDMI, VGA, CVBS

    Work with various terminals such as Android-based and IOS-based devices, PC

  • DP1

    Built-in HD 1080P fixed focal wide-angle len

    2.4G remote control

  • DP3

    Built-in 12x optical-zoom wide-angle len and H.265 video terminal

    Capture videos from wide angle of vertical 80ºand horizontal 360º

    HD video playing and synchronized video recording

  • MCU Server

    Video coditng with H.265 and H.264 HP

    Screen split of 1080P output

    Support access of 128 conference sites