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  • MTG3000 63 E1/T1 Trunk Gateway

    MTG3000 is a carrier grade VoIP gateway, which is designed for telecom operators, ITSPs with high reliability and performance.It adopts STM-1 interface which features high integration and large capacity...>>More

  • MTG2000 20*E1/T1 Trunking Gateway

    MTG2000 is a new-generation intelligent VoIP gateway, which is designed for enterprises, telecom operators and various industries. Focusing on a concept of maintainable, manageable and operable, MTG2000 features high integration and large capacity. It provides carrier-gr...>>More

  • MTG200

    MTG200 is cost-effective trunk gateway equipment specific design for open source market which ideal for open source based such as Asterisk/Elastix/Trixbox/Freeswitch as well as small & medium-sized telephony system. It built-in echo canceller and voice decoding function ...>>More

  • MTG600

    MTG600 is a trunk gateway aimed at small and medium enterprise, and used to help enterprise to realize the evolution from the traditional PBX to voice IP. On the one hand, it supports PRI/SS7 protocol and adopts standard T1/E1 trunk interface to realize docking with tra...>>More

  • MTG1000

    MTG1000 series is a kind of digital trunking gateway based on embedded operating system. It supports standard SIP/H.323 protocol with large-capacity carrier class telephone trunking gateway functions. It equips up to 4/8 ports and 1/2 ports (optional) with PRI/SS7 inter...>>More

  • MTG1000B

    The MTG1000B series Trunk Gateway is a compact and cost-effective media gateway solution which has been designed to interworking between PSTN & IP networks in Service Provider Networks or large-scale enterprise locations. With powerful hardware design, the MTG1000 has co...>>More

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