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    As a DINSTAR registered partner, you will have the opportunity to sell DINSTAR solutions and products that open the door to additional revenue opportunities that can enhance your company's bottom line. DINSTAR allows our registered partners to view and download corporate information, product, marketing and advertising resources that can help you increase your business sales efficiency. DINSTAR is excited to offer real-time visibility of our marketing portfolio. Please visit this site frequently to check for updates and new content.

    How Can DINSTAR Benefit Your Business?

    True Manufacturer Brand
    From design to production to your store's shelves, you deal with a true manufacturer brand assures the best quality control, quick response times, and fast delivery.

    Best Quality/Price
    The best quality for price helps you attract new customers and increase your market share with ease.

    Competitive Margins 
    DINSTAR maintains the highest cost for quality efficiency to ensure your business the highest return possible on your investments.

    Incredible Sales Growth
    Be a part of what can only be described as amazing sales growth that can raise your business from good to great.

    Service and Support
    Marketing and technical support that allows our partners to view and download corporate information as well as marketing, product, and advertisement resources that can help you increase your business profitably via the partner portal


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